Sunday, March 06, 2005

Travellers & Magicians

I watched today Travellers & Magicians (official site) at the Varsity. I have been lucky with films recently and this was another one I liked. Not only the vistas of Bhutan were beautiful but also the story while very simple had the right mix of sweetness and humor to make it easy to immerse yourself in the film.
After the film we had dinner at the Cedar's on Brooklyn. A friend warned me that there are two restaurants of the same name on the same street, so before going there, I searched for it on the Internet. Among other matches, I found an entry on that has scanned images of the menu. I know that Amazon has been scanning books and I wonder if the idea of scanning menus is a comprehensive effort or if they simply scanned a few. It is definitely a good idea to see that info on the web. I found this Submit a Menu page that says "Do you have a favorite restaurant you would like to see added to's new Restaurant Service?". Here's an new alternative then to the Citysearch that I've been using so far (here's its entry for Cedar's).
The food was very good and the service was above average although according to online reviews, the service used to be worse. I wonder if it is more indicative of the fact that online complaints have improved the service and now they try harder or that simply it is hard to please everyone and a few unhappy people are more outspoken than the majority of people who has been happy with the restaurant.

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