Friday, September 30, 2005

Biking to work

Sometimes when I ride my bike to work, I pass right next to birds that do not seem to mind people that much. For instance this flock of geese is pretty nice.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Reading books

I have been reading books for a while with a group of friends in our small "book club". Today I decided to look back at the books we have read in the last few years. I went through the email sent to our mailing list and created the following table.
BookWhoSelected onDiscussed on
The Wind-Up Bird Chroniclemjc2002-06-122002-07-20
Name of the Rosejms2002-07-252002-09-20
The Russian Debutante's Handbookdt2002-11-252003-01-24
Life of Pikm2003-01-292003-03-21
The Pickupan2003-03-302003-05-21
Guns, Germs, and Steeljls2003-05-272003-07-31
The Lovermjc2003-08-102003-09-25
The Radetzky Marchdt2004-01-052004-03-20
The Known Worldmw2004-04-132004-07-31
I Spit on Your Gravesmjc2004-08-042004-10-02
Essays of E.B. Whiteme2004-10-042005-02-26
White Ravenrg2005-03-142005-05-20
Her Husbandkl2005-06-022005-07-16

A morning picture

As I was having breakfast, I noticed that sprinklers created pools of water in various places including our shoes. I experimented a little with reflections in these water pools and I managed to get a picture that I liked although I really wished I could set focus manually in my camera.

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