Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Partial hAtom support in my blog

I don't have right now enough time to go all the way but I have just converted my blog's template to partially support hAtom. I think that hAtom is great and some time ago Kevin Marks and I implemented support for hAtom in Blogger templates. Our work means that all new blogs that are created on Blogger and hosted on Blogspot have hAtom enabled by default. But my blog uses an old template that does not benefit from this new code.

It is hard or perhaps even impossible to support hAtom completely with the old templating system but I did as much as I easily could. Here are template elements I modified in my blog (the template used by me is called "Herbert"). In my quick-and-dirty notation below I use bold font combined with underline to show new things added to the template.

  • <Blogger><span class="hentry">

  • <span class="entry-content"><$BlogItemBody$></span><br />

  • <BlogItemTitle><h2 class="entry-title"><BlogItemURL><a href=">$BlogItemURL$>"></BlogItemURL>

  • <a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>" title="permanent link" rel="bookmark">permalink</a>

  • I replaced <$I18NPostedByAuthorNickname$>
    with <span class="vcard">Posted by <span class="fn"><$BlogOwnerFullName$></span></span>

  • </span></Blogger>

This gets me most of the way to supporting hAtom but those pesky timestamps are more tricky and I will live without them until I completely change my blog's templating system.

I have VISTA purchased in 2007.

I use Google Notebook for everything.

Often I'm wondering whether my note will be there. By now, wouldn't we expect them to always be there?

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Hi Donna,

Yes, I also expect the notes to always be there!

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