Sunday, November 06, 2005

W Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie

I have discovered by accident that Wikipedia has an entry about the Polish poem Chrząszcz which contains the most famous Polish tongue-twister. They even have an audio recording. Even more amazingly they have a whole list of tongue twisters in many languages including quite a few in Polish. I keep being amazed by the breadth of Wikipedia.
Hello Michał! Pozdrawiam z chłodnego południa Polski ;) - Marek
I study the polish language and I made up my own Polish tongue twister :

Ciesze sie ze mieszkasz w Szczecinie

How does it sound? =)
Hi Daniel,

This is pretty good. :)

Good luck with the Polish pronunciation!
"In Szczebrzeszyn tönt der Käfer im Schilfrohr" - apart of the town's name it's quite easy to say!
My grandfather came from Szczebrzeszyn (or Shebershin, as my family called it in Yiddish). Unfortunately, I don't speak Polish, so I can just about say the name of the town -- I can't even think about trying the tongue-twister.
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