Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Motorcycle Diaries

I watched yesterday The Motorcycle Diaries. Overall I quite liked this film and I recommend it but I must admit that I thought it would be even better. I can't really describe what I expected though.
Before the movie we had a dinner at the Coho Café in Redmond. I was still full from the lunch and I only had a cup of soup and a "small plate" (read: appetizer) of seared ahi.
We had our team lunch in the Mediterranean Kitchen in Bellevue and I ordered lamb shawarma which was very good but it was more meat than I am used to recently.

Just found you have this interesting blog. I also like this film. Before that, Che Guevara is more like an icon to me. The director directed another film "Central Station" which I was deeply moved several years ago.
Glad that you're back to CA. Hope we can meet sometime I am there.

I thought not only was the film well done, but certainly realistic in it's interpretation of some of the riders (both alive and dead) and what they have meant to the motorcycle industry.
good review and I'm sure they were good eats also.
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