Monday, February 28, 2005


I have been using the Wikipedia for a while. Last December I even switched to Wikipedia for my movie links even though I had been used to thinking of IMDB as the ultimate movie reference web site.
While I have been using it for a long time, I haven't read much about the Wikipedia. However in the last three days I found independently three interesting things about it.
First I found a very interesting response (FUD-Based Encyclopedias) to an earlier article (The Faith-Based Encyclopedia).
The I received the latest issue of Wired and I read an article on a very similar subject. I read this article in the paper version of Wired but apparently it won't be published online until March 2. The article is called The Book Stops Here and it should be easy to google for it once it becomes available. As I was looking at the Wired web site I noticed that the Wikipedia was covered by Wired a few times before, for instance: Wikipedia Faces Growing Pains.
The third related item is not directly about the Wikipedia but I happened to have discovered the Seattle Wiki site which is based on the same technology as the Wikipedia. There is actually not that much content there but it is interesting that this cool flavor of a wiki is used for multiple projects. While reading The Book Stops Here article I read about Wikicities and my first reaction was that the Seattle Wiki is one of them but I couldn't find it in the Wikicities directory of places. Incidentally, Wikicities is not just about geographical locations, it has all kinds of virtual cities like this Polish one about C++.

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