Sunday, February 13, 2005

Seattle Freeze

Someone forwarded to me this article in the Seattle Times about Seattle not being very friendly towards outsiders who move here and want to meet friends. I remembered that when I was in Poland I read an article that had a similar opinion about the Bay Area. I wonder if Seattle is indeed any worse than other areas. I'm too busy to notice much difference and I guess I have enough friends here to not suffer from this problem but I can see how this may be true.
y take on the Seattle Freeze,
I'm from Macon, Ga. Where people are very personable and nice. I've been to Seattle on a few occasions as I will train there for a job. And I say the Seattle Freeze is real. But on behalf of all Southerners I can say with pride that Seattle people are "FAKE" and "A------S"(I'm a gentleman and I won't offend anyone).West Coaster will tell you that New Yorkers, Bostonians, Philly people are rude. I think the opposite. They are a little hard, but with them you have a bud for life and they'll give you the shirt off their back. Seattle people are souless and they only offend me when they ask how I am out of protocol. Be real. You people that moved to Seattle and experienced the freeze, come to your senses and move to Olympia or Portland, Oregon where they are mad cool. Don't get me wrong on Seattle the city, the Asian culture is off the chain, the mountains and Pudget Sound is like Wooowwwwww! But some of the people are phony. I don't like them and please don't come to Georgia, we don't want you.

Andy Anderson
Macon, Ga.
I agree. Moved here 3 yrs ago from NY and what you said is so true. I love Seattle but the people are arrogant,fake,insincere, rude and lack integrity for that matter. Also very judgmental if you don't think, act or look like them. Portland people are way friendlier. So far the only decent person I met here was from Cali of all places! Always hear bad things about CA but they seem more real. Go figure.
I could not agree more. I grew up in a small town in Tennessee and graduated college not long ago. I was in orange county, CA for about 4 months and felt like I built very strong relationships with a number of people there. My experience there was so enchoraging that I felt like I could move anywhere any make good friends. Think again. I have been in Seattle for 7 months, while I love my job, I feel like I don't know anybody except my girlfriend, who with her family moved here from Cali. She and her family agree with me when I say that the people here are nice, but hard to get close to.
Just look at the seattlites and say:
No, you are not in a movie (as the star), you are not as cool and trendy as you think you are and please give me a break- this is for the wannabes that move here. For the natives. Man! What do they teach you in school about manners? I have never seen a native do anything remotely courteous on any occassion. This is from a student of culture and language.

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