Monday, February 21, 2005

American Splendor

So far I have only used the On-Demand feature of my cable box to watch stand-up comedy but today I decided to watch a film. I chose American Splendor. I heard good things about it before and I expected that I would like. It was indeed quite good but I didn't remember from the descriptions if it was indeed based on reality or just pretending to do so. I guess the fact that it looked plausible either way means that it is a well done film. After I watched it I looked for a review on-line. I first wanted to look it up in the Wikipedia but tonight it was down due to a power failure and I found the film's page on imdb instead. Apparently it was indeed based on a real Harvey Pekar. I even found Harvey's web page although it hasn't been updated since 2003.
[Added 2005-02-22] I looked for the article about American Splendor in the Wikipedia which was by now on-line. It turns out that they have this article about the comic series which mentions the movie but there's no separate article about the movie.

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