Saturday, January 22, 2005

A Very Long Engagement

I ended up going twice to Capitol Hill today. First I had brunch at the El Greco. This is a very cool looking restaurant with blue walls and excellent brunch food. I had the El Greco Benedict. This dish is described in the menu as "Two poached eggs on smoked gouda and Canadian bacon cakes, topped with tomato mushroom sauce and served with toast", so they are not the same as the typical Eggs Benedict but they are delicious.
In the evening we went to the Egyptian to watch A Very Long Engagement. The film was good and I really enjoyed it even though I had a hard time remembering all the names and faces which made it hard for me initially to keep track of the twisted plot. My only complaint was that the idea of this movie was too similar to Amélie and even the way Audrey Tautou played in both movies was not too different.
After the film we decided to stay in the French mood and go for dinner to 611 Supreme which is very close walk away. I've been there before for brunch but this was my first time to have dinner there. I was very happy with the crêpes I had: one for the main course and one for dessert.

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